Get to know your church staff

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  • Chuck Rheam - Lead Pastor

    Chuck has been married to his wife Christy for 30 years and they have two grown kids, Caleb, 29 and Cailey, 24.  Chuck and Christy have served in ministry in a variety of roles including children’s ministry, teen ministry, family ministry, pastor of a church, and today Chuck is the Lead pastor at CenterPointe,  Chuck grew up in South San Diego, so serving this community is a special honor and joy to him.  His passion is building strong families with God as the foundation.  In his free time Chuck loves coaching, golfing, and taking his Mini-Yorkie on walks (it takes a real man to admit that!)

  • Sammy Famoso - Worship Leader and Youth Pastor

    Sammy is 22 years old and is serving as CenterPointe Worship Leader and Youth Pastor.  He believes that playing tunes for God and teaching teens is exactly where God wants him to be presently.  His favorite pastime is going out and taking pictures.  Overall he is just a simple guy saved by grace.  Oh, and he is certain there will be an In-N-Out in heaven.

  • Scott Anderson - Business Manager

    Scott is a native San Diegan and is thrilled to be ministering at CenterPointe which is located in the same neighborhood in which he grew up.  Scott is the church Business Manager and besides serving and worshiping  at CenterPoine, he travels the world speaking at churches, schools, civic organizations, and anywhere he's allowed to  open his big mouth.  At present, Scott and his wife, Sara, are foster parents to three girls.  He just loves living in a girls' dormitory--even the dog is a female!

  • Hank Stanley - Church Administrator

    Hank has spent over 24 years working in churches as a Sunday School teacher, deacon, trustee, and administrator.  Hank has been married for 44 years to his wife, Cece, who takes care of the CenterPointe Hospitality Ministry.