Our church can best be understood through our core values:

Biblical Authority - Standing on the Bible as God's Word that teaches us how to live.

Prayer - Finding strength, wisdom, and guidance through the power of prayer.

People - Caring more about where people are going than where they have been.

Authentic Relationships - Living honest, transparent lives as we share our joys and struggles.

Acceptance - Meeting everyone where they are and inviting them into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His family.

Commitment - Staying true to our faith, our families, and our work.

Missions - Selflessly surrendering to give and go anywhere God directs.

Creativity - Encouraging innovation, imagination, and initiative in all areas of ministry.

Excellence - Using our individual gifts and talents to do our very best for God.

Life Development - Helping people develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

You are Accepted, Loved, Valued   

By God, By Us

(Dare Us to Prove It)


We AIM to share the hope, love and joy of a Christ-centered life. (AIM: Attract. Invest. Model.)


We imagine:

    People enjoying God and church.

    People learning God's Word in ways that are practical and creative.

    People experiencing a vibrant, personal relationship with Christ.

    People embracing the church as the community center.

    People serving their community.

    People developing a missional view of the world.

    People changing through a life development commitment.