V I B E   T e e n s

life has different beats

  • You have the BEAT of popularity: the more friends you have and the better known you are, the happier  you are.
  • You have the BEAT of money: the more stuff you have, the happier your are.
  • You have the BEAT of looks: the prettier you are, the happier you are.  

And the BEATS go on and on . . . but, it turns out that none of these beats make you happy. Really happy.

At VIBE, we have found a different BEAT. And this one works. This particular beat is found in God's Word to us. God's BEAT is this: He accepts you for who and what you are . . . no matter what you look like; no matter how popular you are; or how much money you have.

If you are middle- or high-school-aged, come join in with God's beat.  Every Wednesday at 7:00pm we'll have a great time with games, fun, friends, and some some good discussions.  Come discover God's BEAT for you.