Our church can best be understood through our core values:

Biblical Authority - Standing on the Bible as God's Word that teaches us how to live.

Prayer - Finding strength, wisdom, and guidance through the power of prayer.

People - Caring more about where people are going than where they have been.

Authentic Relationships - Living honest, transparent lives as we share our joys and struggles.

Acceptance - Meeting everyone where they are and inviting them into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His family.

Commitment - Staying true to our faith, our families, and our work.

Missions - Selflessly surrendering to give and go anywhere God directs.

Creativity - Encouraging innovation, imagination, and initiative in all areas of ministry.

Excellence - Using our individual gifts and talents to do our very best for God.

Life Development - Helping people develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

You are Accepted, Loved, Valued   


   (Dare Us To Prove It!)


We AIM to share the hope, love and joy of a Christ-centered life. (AIM: Attract. Invest. Model.)


We imagine:

    People enjoying God and church.

    People learning God's Word in ways that are practical and creative.

    People experiencing a vibrant, personal relationship with Christ.

    People embracing the church as the community center.

    People serving their community.

    People developing a missional view of the world.

    People changing through a life development commitment.