life groups at centerpointe

At CenterPointe Church, we believe that life is a team sport . . . best done together! So we want to encourage you to check out one of our Life Groups.  Life Groups consist of about a dozen people who get together each week in a convenient location to study, grow, have fun and meet new people.  We'd like everyone to get signed up for one of the Life Groups shown below. 

current life groups - FALL 2021

            Weekday       Time        Description         Location                  Group Leader

  •      Tuesdays           6:00PM        Ladies Only           Ocean View Hills area      Christy Rheam
  •      Tuesdays           7:00PM        Young Adults         via Zoom                            Scott Anderson
  •      Wednesdays     7:00PM        VIBE (Teens)          CenterPointe                    Chuck Rheam
  •      Thursdays         6:30PM        Men's Group         Ocean View Hills area      Chuck Rheam
  •      Fridays              1:00PM         Adults                   Ocean View Hills area      Hank Stanley

Please choose a Life Group at a convenient location then fill in and submit the form below.  The Life Group Leader will welcome you with more information.  (Please scroll down to fill in all fields.)